The Growth to Exit Process

We Help You Clarify Your Vision

An essential part of the Growth to Exit Process is to help you prioritize your values and the new direction of your company.

For example, if you are more concerned about taking care of your employees than you are about the final sum you receive after all the paperwork is signed, that higher value will direct your decisions.

If legacy matters more than equity, you may be willing to accept a lower purchase price if your name remains on the Company letterhead.

Clarifying and prioritizing your values is the first step in the Growth to Exit Process. The next step is to make your business as attractive as possible to potential buyers or investors, always guided by your values and vision.

We Know What Buyers Look for Inside Your Company

 An interested buyer or investor will preform due diligence on all areas of your company. The evaluation of that process is one key element in the valuation placed on your business.

Growth to Exit grooms your company as if a buyer were preforming their due diligence review.

Based on your value-driven priorities, we analyze, evaluate and strategize how to embed best practices in 5 critical areas of your business. As your internal and external processes become more aligned with what a buyer would expect to see, the value of your business increases.

The beauty of Growth to Exit is that your values and priorities are the framework of the entire process. We help make your company attractive to potential buyers while still achieving your value-driven goals.

Your Needs. Our Approach. Your Business is our Priority.

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