Change Your Focus

Owners of private middle market companies are experts at what they do. When it comes time to prepare their business for sale, however, they quickly discover that it is a different playing field, with unfamiliar expectations, strategies and terms.

Buyers or investors expect to see certain key practices inside a potential business acquisition. The price goes down when the company fails to demonstrate that it adheres to best practices. Many times, it is difficult for the Owner to see the weak areas inside his business operations.

Sellers have different issue to resolve than buyers. Questions about key management personnel, the type of payout and whether a legacy will be preserved concern the seller. The buyer may not value these concerns or consider them in the negotiations.

Growth to Exit is your solution.

Our unique process identifies your highest values and end-goals, which become the framework of your GtE Action Plan. Best practices are identified and embedded in 5 critical areas inside your company. Growth to Exit is the process created by James Shields of Shields Legal Group to respond to an urgent need of business owners such as yourself. When you are contemplating the next stage of your company, do you turn to your CPA, your attorney, or a business broker? None of those professionals can bring together the expertise, experience and knowledge that Shields Legal Group has acquired as the Trusted Advisor for many business owners who have successfully exited or transitioned.

We are experienced business lawyers who understand what a potential buyer or investor looks for in a company. We help you enhance your current operations and processes to match the expectations of that outside party. The final value placed on your business depends on how much of that preparatory work has been completed.

At the end of the Growth to Exit process, your company will be positioned to attract viable buyers or investors who can see its growth potential. The criticial issues of scalability, sustainability and stability have already been addressed and now create a shining light of opportunity.

 Growth to Exit helps make your company attractive to prospective buyers or investors.

Your Needs. Our Approach. Your Business is our Priority.

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