Did you know that there is an organization that focuses on a broad range of research about middle market companies and the issues they face?  The National Center for the Middle Market is a collaborative effort between Ohio State’s Fisher College of Business and several key stakeholders.

The Center provides a wealth of information, resources and experts focused on middle market companies (annual revenue between $10 million and $1 billion). For example, they now offer a Cyber Security Resource Center, as well as resources on Globalization, governance/finance, operational excellence, policy and strategy/innovation.

The 3Q 2016 Middle Market Indicator report was mentioned in the last post. Besides preforming research on a national scale, the Center also drills down on the data from 6 key states, including Texas.

The following infographic explains the power of the Texas economy, the number of middle market companies (10,000) and the divTexas Middle Market Indicatorersity of industries represented.  The annual revenue from Texas middle market companies is just .7% of all Texas companies, but those middle market companies employ 32% of the Texas workforce.

The Center will release their 4Q 2016 Report in January.

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