Companies based in the United States that are middle market in size (annual revenue between $10 million and $1 billion) have an impressive footprint in the economy. These companies are very diverse (almost 200,000 across all industries), can be publicly or privately held and operate in a variety of corporate structures (family-owned, partnerships or LLCs).

Middle market companies make up only 3% of all businesses in the United States. But they account for a third of U.S. private sector gross domestic product and jobs.

The middle market has not been important on the national stage but attention is now growing, in part due to the research efforts of the National Center for the Middle Market. A collaborative effort between Ohio State’s Fisher College of Business and several key stakeholders, the Center enables a broad range of academic and practitioner research.

The Center recently released their 3Q 2016 Middle Market Indicator. Executive Director Thomas A. Stewart discusses these findings in a short, 12 minute video.

If you own a middle market company and you are contemplating a change in ownership, reach out to Shields Legal Group. We specialize in guiding middle market, privately-held companies on their journey from Growth to Exit.

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