Growth to Exit

Where value-driven decisions & strategic action guide your exit.

Is it time to transition your business?

You have spent years, sleepless nights and suffered the pains and joys of owning and growing your own business. Now, it may be time for you to realize the fruits of your labors and position your company for transition – either to sell or pass on to the next generation.

Those decisions weigh heavily on your mind. But where do you turn to address your other concerns that are just as pressing?

Growth to Exit is the consulting service designed for owners of private middle market companies who are considering an exit. Instead of treating you as just another deal, we focus on your end game and the legitimate concerns you have about this major life event.


When you clarify your value goals and a Trusted Advisor

guides your strategic decisions, your legacy vision becomes real.



drive the decisions


is the process


becomes reality

The astute business lawyers at Shields Legal Group have guided many business owners through the complexities of grooming their business for a transition. We act as your Trusted Advisor as you make crucial decisions that impact your personal and professional life.

Your Needs. Our Approach. Your Business is our Priority.